Tuesday, 14 February 2012

Romanced by Fulham

Today being Valentines day, I went on a mission to be romanced by my local area and the beauty of London in the depths of winter.

I discovered plants crawling their way through buildings, greenery amongst the dull grey skies & an organic butcher that seduced me into paying 20 quid for a piece of meat. I obviously can't afford this kind of splurgery everyday but it was worth every penny.

Why? It's valentines day and for the first time I have been swept off my feet by the dreamy town of Fulham & it's locals. So tonight i'll try my best cooking skills & bring out the red wine for a date with my best friend.

Also, at the bottom of the page is two rascalls carrying rubbish bags, trying to 'pick up' on Valentines day. They made me smile anyway.

Being single on Valentines day has never been so much fun!

Red is for Romance

This Vespa is so cute!

Aren't they lovely. The owner (left) has a daughter living in Byron Bay working in Scuba & wishes for her never to come home because she must be truly happy. I love how the Brits Idolise Australia.

He asked me to take a picture then hid behind his laundry. Hashtag make up your mind

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