Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A little bit : Eye fantasy

Our generation can't seem to stop feeding ourselves with information & inspiration from the internet.
Here's some eye candy, it's what I stare at when there's no wifi around.

Napoli with love

Walking down the cobblestone streets in Portici (south of Naples) with vintage fur & coats galore, it was a struggle not to purchase yet another piece of pure warmth.
The prices were inexpensive and the Italians ready to barter.
Certainly unique, the markets continued down tiny alleys in what seemed to be houses & merged into a fresh food market.
If your ever in town, stop in for some fresh mozzarella & basil caprese salad with chilli olive oil.

Friday, 23 December 2011

History heist

Screw the cheesy family holidays to Tenerife or Palma. My parents love history & to see the nitty gritty of any country. So we are roadtripping from Palermo to Rome & absolutely killing it. I am blessed.

I've been looking for a decent market that sells anything vintage that can actually be worn, but instead finding historical treasures that are best looked at and not touched. Boohoo.

Just under Mount Vesuvius (near Pompeii) there is a little town called Portici where there is a second hand clothing market until 12 midday, everyday!!

So tomorrow I will ravage the market & see what treasures lay ahead. Ahoy, I will be haggling- this is Italy.

It's a pinch worthy moment- we are staying in a 17th century palace where the king of Naples used to visit for hunting trips and holidays.

So happy Christmas & I hope we can all enjoy some past in the present.


Sunday, 20 November 2011

How She Changes

We have watched her with our obsessive eyes as this etherial beauty has changed shape and form like a human chameleon.

Abbey <3

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

foggy fantasy

today i met with Sarah & David (the beautiful couple who are 12+ Uk model management) at the marlybone hotel casting for a french lingerie company. it was so comforting to have them there with us. there was lots of double cheek kissing, catching up on our latest jobs & adventures.
being in the curvy modelling side of things is so incredibly wholesome and refreshing. I was too small for the French but waved goodbye to my fellow 12+ girls (who are always ear to ear with smiles & chatting about what they will have for lunch & dinner).

as I was strolling to my next casting I was drawn to a beautiful orange field where all the trees had dropped their leaves- manor park is absolutely brimming with character & the whole area has a huge autumn aura . I spent an hour in the incredibly thick autumn leaves densely layered on one another . looking down to a football field, classic English terraces and in a beautiful, thick fog.
I must admit, filming in a park is always embarrassing but I so badly wanted to express my love for this incredible season, so I pulled out my camera & went for it- ignoring the pensioners with their dogs & their soft intriguing eyes.
I am finishing off this beautiful Wednesday relaxing at Saco salon near goodge street. my hair needs some serious TLC!!!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


On a foggy London Sunday, Meg, Ruth & I got together for a little test & this is what happened :::

Meg is a magician - she puts a magical crystal in front of the lense to make this effect!!

Wednesday, 26 October 2011

Tranquility Territory

There's nothing I love more than spending the day at the beach & lapping up the warm water.

In late October, South beach is quiet enough to be very peaceful but also have all the perks of being a popular holiday destination. aka massages on the beach, cocktail service & beautiful chairs to sleep in!

Heres some photo's of today...

Palm Tree Paradise

Cocktails or sunscreen?

Reflexology & body massages. This guy also does Serena Williams when she comes to town..

CHANEL graphite colour - love the mettalics!!

A couple of Bay Watch moves Hahaha

Saturday, 22 October 2011

blue skies & butterflies


Have just arrived in sunny Miami, Florida. The real thing is better than the tv show CIA Miami - which my best friend Tyson is consitently referring to.

The flight from New York was quick and easy & when I arrived at the hotel I have to admit it looked more like a 'party' place rather than a chic, relaxing place to stay. Admittedly, I did wish I was checking into the Fontain Bleau (where they hold the victoria secret shows & even Madonna has performed there!), they have 13 pools - ok maybe its a little over the top. I walked up to the check in desk and the blonde at the desk said "I'm so sorry but there has been some confusion" which caused panic to flow in repetative waves. I didn't hear anything else but the word 'upgrade' (which didn't stop the panic), we were being ushered into a taxi, and taken a couple of blocks up the famous Collins Avenue to a completely different hotel. Upon the arrival I was given the key to my own suite & two doormen take my luggage upstairs & once the nervous butterflies were gone I realised that I had been upgraded to The Luxe Riviera!

A Seriosly Luxe Upgrade

 Lazing by the pool

Love the cards - 1950's glamour

The feeling of sand is so homely (miss you Australia!)

My room

Here we go..... looking forward to getting dressed up & going out tonight!
With love from the sand

PS - South Beach makes me a little bit crazy hahahahaha

Tuesday, 18 October 2011

S.n.a.k.e & M.o.n.g.o.l.i.a.n. L.a.m.b in central park


My love for this city runs deeper & deeper every single second.

Today was beautiful-- the sun kissed Manhatten in the most glorious way.

Parks, loads of walking, shopping, and museum hunting called for something comfy.

Central park

Mongloian Lamb collar - Michael Kors

Snakeskin cut-off boots - Ricky (see earlier post on Williamsburg markets)
Ankle bracelet & ring from Primark London


M A G N O L I A     B A KE R Y

Toffee & Pistachio cheescake = YUM

Monday, 17 October 2011

Williamsburg Flea Markets

Sunday's best shopping in NYC is the incredible Willliamsburg Flea Markets. Sifting through the unique tables of vintage magazines, sequine blazers, taxidermy, furniture & equisite jewellry against the Manhatten skyline is truly exhilerating.

Make sure you pop into EGG before you hit the markets - the best cafe to have brekky in Brooklyn, with simple decor & a knockout menu.

A H H H H H this is Ricky & I..
He has the BEST taste in fur & opens his little boutique every saturday & sunday just up from the markets

Beautiful Studded Bra - again from Ricky


h e l l o !!

Welcome to my first ever blog!

Just a little bit about me:

I am a wild Australian girl at heart & cannot stop having adventures and travelling. London is called the bat cave at this time so I find myself on an aeroplane every month or so flying to some strange, exciting city (mostly in Europe). Although, you have caught me at a very good time as I am in NYC, USA!!!

S O M E O N E   P I N C H   M E   H A R D .

It has been a lifelong dream to come to New York & I find myself frothing at the mouth, running around screaming and eating copious amounts of terrible (incredible) diner food.
New York deserves the best so i'll be stepping out of my front door ( well I am staying in the pulsing heart of Soho ) feeling fresh and fabulous...

The aim of the game is to be a little but cheeky & skip most of the tourist things. I wanna go to FLEA MARKETS & VINTAGE STORES (aka everything OLD in New York) &&& Ill keep you posted on all the DIE DIE DIE moments!