Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Yes :::: Curves are the new black

Throughout history the ideal body shape changes with the time. 100 years ago people were wearing corsets, the 20's were all about the 'flapper' more boyish figure, 50's is about bust & 60's back to thin. The 80's is when the Amazonian Goddesses arrived, the prime athletic, muscles & strength defined supermodels, and in the 90's the ideal returned back to coathangers & waifs.

So where does it go from here?

This post isn't about hating on the skinny people - I Love Rachel Zoe, Alexa Chung, and loads of models at the moment. I'ts celebrating the fact that there is diversity in this decade & hopefully the consumers of this moment can relate to a wider range of people.

Here are some gorgeous curvy celebs:

Crystal Renn leads the way with her own book about what it was like to struggle with anorexia. She has had incredible success as a plus size model, and has even worked with Karl Lagerfeld, who in the past stated that 'no one wants to look at fat people'. WOW

With a spread in UK VOGUE Adele made it known that curvy girls are back with a bang

Lara Stone continues to be no.1 Model on Models.com ranking and is none other than the Iconic sexy model of our decade. With those long, lean legs and a huge bust she said she found it difficult to break in to the industry as she was considered 'too big'. Well now she rules supreme and these are her latest shots for VOGUE China.

One of my favourites is Kate. She exudes charm and confidence, and most of her co-stars say they can't believe how comfortable she is with her body! That's our girl.

Monday, 16 January 2012

Shopping Tips :: Anna Dello Russo

When I was working at CHANEL just off Oxford Street, I found myself buying all sorts of cool things from the high street without even considering how or when I would wear them. This kind of shopping made my wardobe bulge and my travel budget shrink. I also found myself giving bags of stuff to charity, alot of it New with tags or only worn a couple of times.

Being a traveler, there's only so much you can buy. Don't we all wish for a 'Mary Poppins' neverending wardrobe. I love what ADR posted on her blog about shopping after Christmas at the sales, although I will apply these rules to my shopping all year round!
In the brackets I have added.

1. Only MASTERPIECES! (and really good quality basics)
2. Not buy USELESS stuff.
They are like the exotic SOUVENIRS,
that when you return from the trip,
encumber and ruin
the aesthetics of the house.
3. Point your FAV PIECE
like your BIG LOVE.
Stay posted to the window,
follow the customers’ movements,
wait the first day of sales.
out of the ordinary:
otherwise you will get the nth black coat!
5. Don’t go RANDOMLY,
you’ll spend more energy and money.
6. Take your WISH-list MAP.
7. Give yourself a BUDGET
and follow your WISH-list priorities.
8. Don’t get DUPED by sales:
They are like the beautiful mermaids
that first seduce you and then drag you
to the bottom of the sea.
9. Buy only DESIGNER’S clothes.
Why? high-quality is guaranteed.
10. Not fly commercial!
Take the chance to go in the FORBIDDEN
stores and satisfies all your WHIMS!”

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Sunshine daze

Good day to you!

Just arrived back in London from a month in the South of Spain & Italy.

No wonder the Aztecs worshipped the Sun, it was so satisfying to have some R&R. Now I'm ready for 2012. But before I start going crazy for party dresses & winter furs, these pics are a recollection of the mood of my holiday (and things to come aka.Zimmerman)- LOVE

Marie Claire

Absolutely killing it- Zimmerman '12

Again Zimmerman masters the coolest, bohemian designs.

Have a HOT week everyone.

You gotsta liveth.

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Not finished with winter yet.

Spring summer collections have breezed easily onto the high street racks. Although, winter is still hung among us here in the Northern hemisphere. So Australia may be able to wear all the beautiful seashell metallic, free flowing dresses & sandal delights (I heard summer has just really kicked off!). Unfortunately here in Europe we have to endure a little more cold.

Not to worry. These beautiful shoes keep me loving the cold all winter long!

The cut-off trousers work perfectly 

Super sexy showing off ankles

Need I say anything?


Monday, 2 January 2012

Outfits for the Future..

You've gotta give it to these celebrities, they have cool style. These looks are modern & fresh... Ready for 2012!!

Only Heidi Klum could take control of such an incredible red suit. Emily Blunt works a cool B&W look.

Rock & Grunge

Aussie Model Jessica Hart (left) I LOVE HOODS!

Of course! Blake & Kate

Little bugs bunny

Left to right:

Brooklyn Flea Markets, New York

Red stone & silver - Angle vintage Market, London

Silver Band - Marrakech

Gold band - Vintage market, Rome

Turquoise & salmon rings both from Topshop, London

Bracelet - Topshop, London


Sunday, 1 January 2012

Prospero Año Nuevo

I hope everyone had a spectacular New Years Eve!!!

The spanish New Year tradition is of the 12 grapes... when it hits midnight, whoever can stuff 12 grapes into their mouth is crowned the champion of the year. Nothing like the house parties & fireworks that i'm accustomed to.

I wonder what inspired you most in 2011?

Most recently for me was a beautiful old Monastery in the south of Italy. Above all the incredible touristic sights, food & wine of Italy, this place inspired me. It could have been the sun beaming off the white marble covering the Monastery, depicting a pure & simple living of the Monks, Nuns and people of the surrounding village. Maybe the reoccurring hints as to how spectacular and important this establishment was prior to it being pillaged by Napoleon & changing the fate of the villages. Most probably, the inspiration came from the aesthetic value of golden urns, deep coloured frescoes, mix of arabic & italian architecture, grandness in scale and surrounded by snowy mountains, ancient stone villages & paddocks of locals harvesting their olives.

I hope 2012 is filled with Love & Adventure for you & your WHOLE family!

The entrance to the Monastery has HUGE original oak doors. I also love the moss growing on stone.

Similar to a view in Tuscany, Padula is surrounded by snowy mountains.

Excited to see such beauty..xx

Big kisses from the Pebble stone Nation.