Saturday, 22 October 2011

blue skies & butterflies


Have just arrived in sunny Miami, Florida. The real thing is better than the tv show CIA Miami - which my best friend Tyson is consitently referring to.

The flight from New York was quick and easy & when I arrived at the hotel I have to admit it looked more like a 'party' place rather than a chic, relaxing place to stay. Admittedly, I did wish I was checking into the Fontain Bleau (where they hold the victoria secret shows & even Madonna has performed there!), they have 13 pools - ok maybe its a little over the top. I walked up to the check in desk and the blonde at the desk said "I'm so sorry but there has been some confusion" which caused panic to flow in repetative waves. I didn't hear anything else but the word 'upgrade' (which didn't stop the panic), we were being ushered into a taxi, and taken a couple of blocks up the famous Collins Avenue to a completely different hotel. Upon the arrival I was given the key to my own suite & two doormen take my luggage upstairs & once the nervous butterflies were gone I realised that I had been upgraded to The Luxe Riviera!

A Seriosly Luxe Upgrade

 Lazing by the pool

Love the cards - 1950's glamour

The feeling of sand is so homely (miss you Australia!)

My room

Here we go..... looking forward to getting dressed up & going out tonight!
With love from the sand

PS - South Beach makes me a little bit crazy hahahahaha

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