Monday, 17 October 2011


h e l l o !!

Welcome to my first ever blog!

Just a little bit about me:

I am a wild Australian girl at heart & cannot stop having adventures and travelling. London is called the bat cave at this time so I find myself on an aeroplane every month or so flying to some strange, exciting city (mostly in Europe). Although, you have caught me at a very good time as I am in NYC, USA!!!

S O M E O N E   P I N C H   M E   H A R D .

It has been a lifelong dream to come to New York & I find myself frothing at the mouth, running around screaming and eating copious amounts of terrible (incredible) diner food.
New York deserves the best so i'll be stepping out of my front door ( well I am staying in the pulsing heart of Soho ) feeling fresh and fabulous...

The aim of the game is to be a little but cheeky & skip most of the tourist things. I wanna go to FLEA MARKETS & VINTAGE STORES (aka everything OLD in New York) &&& Ill keep you posted on all the DIE DIE DIE moments!

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