Thursday, 23 February 2012

Denim is not Dead : Stockholm

This week I travelled to Stockholm, Sweden and  I was caught completely unawares of how magnificent this city is.

I started by walking around the old town and became short of breath at the beauty of the small streets, colourful churches and the royal palace. As I continued I became increasingly aware of the change in atmosphere around me. I had walked from the clean cut, more commercial Island of Stockholm into the hipster style island of Sodermalm. It was then I discovered the meaning of cool, found the best coffee, bookshops, vintage stores and the rest. 

Of course Sweden is world famous for Acne,Cheap monday and Nudie but I wanted to take a more under-ground tour of the fashion capital so I had some friends of friends take me on adventures around the undiscovered areas. But of course, like any tourist, I ended up at the Acne Studio and bought my first set of pistols.

So denim is not dead & Stockholm certainly isn't either.

Here are some snaps of the trip::

My Favourite Cafe :: Espressino

The Local's Guide

Voted, by me, as Stockholms most conceptual store :: 5th Avenue Shoe Repair

Candles at Dinner

Elsa's Place

The lovebirds love blogging too ::

I attended this new denim launch for Aussie brand . Stuff so hot you would want to wear it out then sleep in it afterwards.

Bookstore in Sofo

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