Sunday, 1 January 2012

Prospero Año Nuevo

I hope everyone had a spectacular New Years Eve!!!

The spanish New Year tradition is of the 12 grapes... when it hits midnight, whoever can stuff 12 grapes into their mouth is crowned the champion of the year. Nothing like the house parties & fireworks that i'm accustomed to.

I wonder what inspired you most in 2011?

Most recently for me was a beautiful old Monastery in the south of Italy. Above all the incredible touristic sights, food & wine of Italy, this place inspired me. It could have been the sun beaming off the white marble covering the Monastery, depicting a pure & simple living of the Monks, Nuns and people of the surrounding village. Maybe the reoccurring hints as to how spectacular and important this establishment was prior to it being pillaged by Napoleon & changing the fate of the villages. Most probably, the inspiration came from the aesthetic value of golden urns, deep coloured frescoes, mix of arabic & italian architecture, grandness in scale and surrounded by snowy mountains, ancient stone villages & paddocks of locals harvesting their olives.

I hope 2012 is filled with Love & Adventure for you & your WHOLE family!

The entrance to the Monastery has HUGE original oak doors. I also love the moss growing on stone.

Similar to a view in Tuscany, Padula is surrounded by snowy mountains.

Excited to see such beauty..xx

Big kisses from the Pebble stone Nation.

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