Tuesday, 27 December 2011

A little bit : Eye fantasy

Our generation can't seem to stop feeding ourselves with information & inspiration from the internet.
Here's some eye candy, it's what I stare at when there's no wifi around.

Napoli with love

Walking down the cobblestone streets in Portici (south of Naples) with vintage fur & coats galore, it was a struggle not to purchase yet another piece of pure warmth.
The prices were inexpensive and the Italians ready to barter.
Certainly unique, the markets continued down tiny alleys in what seemed to be houses & merged into a fresh food market.
If your ever in town, stop in for some fresh mozzarella & basil caprese salad with chilli olive oil.

Friday, 23 December 2011

History heist

Screw the cheesy family holidays to Tenerife or Palma. My parents love history & to see the nitty gritty of any country. So we are roadtripping from Palermo to Rome & absolutely killing it. I am blessed.

I've been looking for a decent market that sells anything vintage that can actually be worn, but instead finding historical treasures that are best looked at and not touched. Boohoo.

Just under Mount Vesuvius (near Pompeii) there is a little town called Portici where there is a second hand clothing market until 12 midday, everyday!!

So tomorrow I will ravage the market & see what treasures lay ahead. Ahoy, I will be haggling- this is Italy.

It's a pinch worthy moment- we are staying in a 17th century palace where the king of Naples used to visit for hunting trips and holidays.

So happy Christmas & I hope we can all enjoy some past in the present.