Sunday, 20 November 2011

How She Changes

We have watched her with our obsessive eyes as this etherial beauty has changed shape and form like a human chameleon.

Abbey <3

Wednesday, 16 November 2011

foggy fantasy

today i met with Sarah & David (the beautiful couple who are 12+ Uk model management) at the marlybone hotel casting for a french lingerie company. it was so comforting to have them there with us. there was lots of double cheek kissing, catching up on our latest jobs & adventures.
being in the curvy modelling side of things is so incredibly wholesome and refreshing. I was too small for the French but waved goodbye to my fellow 12+ girls (who are always ear to ear with smiles & chatting about what they will have for lunch & dinner).

as I was strolling to my next casting I was drawn to a beautiful orange field where all the trees had dropped their leaves- manor park is absolutely brimming with character & the whole area has a huge autumn aura . I spent an hour in the incredibly thick autumn leaves densely layered on one another . looking down to a football field, classic English terraces and in a beautiful, thick fog.
I must admit, filming in a park is always embarrassing but I so badly wanted to express my love for this incredible season, so I pulled out my camera & went for it- ignoring the pensioners with their dogs & their soft intriguing eyes.
I am finishing off this beautiful Wednesday relaxing at Saco salon near goodge street. my hair needs some serious TLC!!!


Wednesday, 9 November 2011


On a foggy London Sunday, Meg, Ruth & I got together for a little test & this is what happened :::

Meg is a magician - she puts a magical crystal in front of the lense to make this effect!!